Rescued Church Wood + Stand Up Desk

Whether it's being sat on, stored on a wall rack or being stood up against, this beautiful wood has made a long journey from its original home in West Texas, to its current residence, Dallas, via Austin, Texas. The reclaimed wood that I used for this project came from the church building that I grew up in, in West Texas. As young boy, I sat in the pews of this church building, made from this exact wood. (Probably getting in trouble or something from whispering during service.) Recently, that church decided to remodel and replace their pews with chairs, which rescuing wood is something I'm all about! I wished that I had known they were going to do this ahead of time, I would've taken a trailer back home and brought back every single board I could. But I didn't. Instead, my awesome dad rescued a dozen or so of these pews for me, dismantled them and loaded some of these beautiful Pine 4/4 boards up for me and brought them down to Austin

I've made several pieces using the rescued wood from these pews. Projects like the Kim | Dining Table and Ingram | Dining Table, as well as these cool Stools + Podium. I've also added random pieces in other projects here and there. It's been a lot of fun using this wood. Sadly, the supply of this wood has come to an end. The last of it is used on this beautiful Stand Up Desk for an old friend of mine in Dallas. He contacted me, asking if I'd make him a new desk for his office. He wanted something simple, large and one of a kind...and I think he got it. I assembled the last few boards I had on hand and put it on a black powder coated steel frame, and then added a fun touch with the Hudson Stripes (the original Hudson here). I finished it off with a removable Computer Display Stand and sent it off to Dallas.