I love packaging. So much so that I like to "shop" just to look at the packaging that products come in. I've even bought a product (a good one, of course) based on the packaging it came in. So, when Clay Imports, of Austin came to me with an idea to have "Tile Kits" made, I quickly jumped at it. So quickly that I turned these boxes around in 2 days. Yes, designed, prototyped and handbills these boxes that quickly. We were in kind of a time crunch, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from a fun project like this one, especially for a chance that their gorgeous cement tiles sit and ship out in one of my boxes. So, this is what I turned out. Being weight conscious, I went with a clear white pine for these boxes. And also featured on this box is our custom CNC Engraving, with the clients branding and text on the front and sides, as well as a few other locations.

If you have a packaging project you would like me to look into, please do not hesitate to contact me here. Or if you have an Engraving project (signage, lettering, artwork, etc), please contact us to build out your custom project.